Yacine Sports TV v3.0 Download and Stream Live Matches for Free

by Ezehill
Yacine v3.0 Sports TV Download and Stream Live Matches for Free

Download Yacine sports TV v3.0 Apk. Yacine Sports TV Download and Stream Live Matches for Free with your Android device at your own comfort. All football lover likes staying update with scores and activities of each match, however, yacine sports TV is here to fullfil those wishes.

The Yacine sports TV has been posted on this blog months ago, but after series of unfortunate events we encountered with our host everything got wiped — my deepest apology for letting you guys down all this while. Without wasting much of your time let me quickly breaks down how this Yacine Sports TV works.

You can stream live matches right from your Android device such as Tablet, Phone, Android Tv etc with the help of Yacine sports TV. This Sports TV app works exactly like the previous WOW sports Tv, which later changed it name to Vola Sports TV.

Features of Yacine Sports TV


Yacine Sports TV was design in a way that it can be easily navigate. There is categories with different channels spot on the Android sports TV app. Categories and channels on this app include none sports TV. This implies that even though the android tv app is tagged to be sports TV, it can also be use to stream Live News, Music, Movies and other stuff. Below are the channel categories;

Yacine v3.0 Sports TV Download and Stream Live Matches for Free
  • beIN Sports Max
  • beIN Entertainment
  • Arabic Channels
  • OSN Channels
  • MBC Channels
  • France Channels
  • Kids Channel

Live Event

Apart from series of different channels available in this Yacine v3.0 sports TV, there is also a Live Event section designed to boardcast all Live Matches happening that very day. This tab on the Android tv app helps a lot to save stress whereby someone will be opening one channel or the other in search of a particular match.

Display Resolution

The developer of the Yacine tv is indeed a genius with this features as in thinks out of the box. Resolution applicable in each streaming are 720p, 360p and 244p. This feature helps to keep every individual on and going on the app without feeling frustrated of the location you find yourself.

If incase you happens to travel or got stuck in traffic or any place at all before returning to your comfort zone and unfortunately the match started, all you need to do is to make use of your Yacine Android tv and stream the match.

Yacine v3.0 Sports TV Download and Stream Live Matches for Free

Furthermore, if you’re finding it difficult to have a stable streaming service, that is when you apply the resolution law by reducing your stream resolution. Always remember — The Lower the Resolution, the lower Data Usage.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode

Another Fantastic feature of the Yacine sports tv Android app is the picture in Picture enable ability. PIP (picture in picture) ability helps user to stream Live Matches on floating window. This implies that you can be watching a match at the same time be doing your normal activity work on your phone both at the same time.

Download Yacine Sports TV Android App.

Yacine V3.0 apk

On the other hand, following the breakout and fast spreading of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, i believe this will go a bit far to minimize exposing you to the virus. At least you can now watch the matches at home on your comfort instead of going to different viewing centers.


Drawing the curtain to this Yacine sports TV app, i believe you will have more positive words to addon to it because the android tv app is better experience than this few write-ups .

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