Windows 10 October 2018 Update Now Rolling Out to All Users

After pulling the update because of bugs detected by users, Microsoft is finally rolling out windows 10 October 2018 update — this was announced after Microsoft officially unveiled the data to end support for Windows 7 . The update is also known as Windows 10 1809 and is now being rolled out worldwide in phase. The roll-out is expected to be slow, in other to tackle any issues that will surface.

Notably, the Windows 10 October 2018 update was unveiled early October last year, and was scrapped out few days after early bird users reported that the update deletes users data. Base on report, users Documents and Pictures folders disappeared with no trace.

Also, users pointed out another bug that affect how ZIP files were handled. The bug makes it hard for users to know that they are copying and pasting the contents of ZIP files (which Windows represents as ordinary folders), but data would not actually be moved, resulting in files not being where they were needed. It happens in a way that the operations will appear to be running as normal, leaving users unaware of the data loss. In some cases, files that were moved rather than copied would disappear from the source location but also not materialise in the intended destination.

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However, on this official rollout, Microsoft claimed to have fixed the bugs, and allowed a small number of users to download the update, while it collected telemetry to identify more possible issues.

The rollout of this update to users is slow, but be less assured that the updates will reach more and more people over the next few weeks and months. Just incase, would strongly advise all users who consider installing the update to have back up of all their important data thoroughly before proceeding.



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