WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture feature now Live for All Android Users

Finally, all Android users can now enjoy the amazing Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature in their WhatsApp. The WhatsApp PIP feature allows users to stream YouTube, facebook, Instagram etc videos directly from their WhatsApp app without leaving or opening the source app.

The feature has been released for beta users for a long time now and today, it is official for everyone to make use of. However, the picture-in-picture feature is already officially for iOS users.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture feature now Live for All Android Users

The official roll-out of the picture-in-picture (PIP) comes along with the WhatsApp stable version 2.18.380. As said earlier, the feature enables you to watch Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos in a small window and continue to scroll through WhatsApp chats simultaneously.

Picture-in-Picture feature works in individual chats as well as group chats. You can watch the video on a small window in a particular chat or group, however, the video will automatically close once you close the chat.

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To use the Picture-in-Picture feature, all you need to do is to share or ask your friend(s) to share either YouTube, Instagram or facebook video. You will see the video with a play button, once you click on the play button, your video will load and start playing. With this feature, you can watch at the same time chat with your friend(s).

To get the PIP feature on your WhatsApp, all you need is to download the latest WhatsApp for Android from Google Play.



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