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November Update: FIFA 19 MOD Apk+OBB+DATA for Android (3D patch)

Download Link Updated 19/11/2019

FIFA 19 finally made it’s way to android and iOS device after being released on console Ps4 and Xbox. The FIFA 19 is the best soccer game that EA has Developed at the moment as it comes with excellent graphics and gameplay.

The FIFA 19 MOD seen here is not the official Apk from EA Sports but the modded version of it which was modded by people who wants to make this game enjoyable for all of us.

This game is being hyped the best of all time simply because of its graphics, realistic gameplay and competitions intact. Awesomely, the FIFA 19 has all the latest transfers and is official from FIFA.

The Mod Apk comes with exciting features and stunning HD graphics that makes players appear like their real selves better than FIFA 18. However, the FIFA 19 mod is an offline game unlike the later which is an online game that requires WiFi connection or active mobile internet data to enjoy it.

November Update: FIFA 19 MOD Apk+OBB+DATA for Android (3D patch)

FIFA 19 includes creative and brand-new ways to play one of the game’s most popular features: Kick-Off mode. This refreshed Kick-Off opens up the mode with new match types, stat tracking, and more, making it easier and more exciting for you to take on your friends anywhere that you play FIFA 19.

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This game was developed specially for addicted mobile soccer players and also those who wants to experience a nice HD graphics soccer gameplay in their Android devices.

Features of FIFA 19

⚡ New UEFA Champions League license acquired by EA. The game also features 52 stadiums worldwide and the best football players on the planet. Also, players have been upgraded.

Multiplayer mode support on mobile devices: With a Bluetooth connection, you and your friend can pair together and play FIFA 19 Mod for Android. This is a very innovative move by FIFA for this great feature. With this, no more argument is to be entertained, but practical is needed.

Improved commentary for Alan Smith and Peter Drury: this guy’s commentary alone will make you addicted to the game. The commentary will make you want to be in this game as the commentator will be able to give you inspiration to play more and hard so you can defeat your opponent team.

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Improved crowd engine: the support shouting and clappings are more loud and cheerful than ever to increase your morale when playing the game. Whenever you do score a goal, there you’ll really get the meaning of this.

November Update: FIFA 19 MOD Apk+OBB+DATA for Android (3D patch)

No Charges: FIFA 19 is free to play with absolutely no cost, but as with all FIFA games, there are in-app purchases which you can decide to buy. Buying money and coins enables you to train your players to the highest level that they would be strong and more skillful.

Also you can build and beautify your team’s home stadium and create more sitting capacity for a greater income.

Improved Tournament: FIFA 19 comes with major tournaments like that Champions League and Europa League. There are also different Leagues and FIFA Ultimate team. Playing this leagues and tournament’s will keep you addicted in this game and it’ll make certainly sure that boredom wouldn’t be for you as long as this game remains installed in your Android device.

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November Update: FIFA 19 MOD Apk+OBB+DATA for Android (3D patch)


  • The game is Strictly for Android v5.0 and above users.
  • You are required to have at least 2.5GB Internal Storage free space in your Android device.
  • You must have up-to 1GB+ mobile or Wi-Fi data before engaging with the download.

DOWNLOAD FIFA 19 MOD APK + OBB + Data for Android

Download FIFA 19 MOD Apk




You need to download RAR extractior or any other unzip/unrar app you prefer. Download the above files and open the unzip app you downloaded and locate the folder the files are and extract the OBB and the DATA.

Kindly open the Apk and install the FIFA 19 apk in it (do not open the app). Move the unzipped OBB file to Android > OBB folder and paste it their.

Also move the unzipped DATA file to storage> Android > Data folder and paste. Now launch your previous installed apk and enjoy the game new updates.



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  1. I can’t download the APK.Everytime I click on it,it keeps taking me to the data file download page which I have finished downloading

    1. We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience, however, the link has been updated. You can now download and enjoy your game. Thanks for visiting.

        1. First of all, use bigger browser eg chrome or Firefox browser. Anyway, you can tell me where you are not get right for fast assistance

        1. The link above is a compile of the 3 files via obb, data and apk. All u need to is just to download and extract the file

    1. Sorry about that but there is no other platform the game was uploaded except mega (base on my research)

      I can only guide you to get it done. All you need is to login or sign-up to mega using your browser. Then, reopen the link and you will see Open in browser option Added. Use it to download the game and click save to save it to your Local storage.

      Hope this works for you.. Really sorry about the inconvenience.

  2. Didn’t work for me. Everything is downloaded. Keep getting this msg “download failed because you may not have purchased this app”
    What do i do from here?

    1. Never heard of this error, but let me ask you. Is your phone version 6.0 and above? If yes, your OBB file should be placed in your phone internal memory. Hope then reinstall the apk. Hope this helps.

  3. I have download d apk obb+data files… Its still Saying download failed, resource could not be found. Pls specify folders to distribute dese files properly, and after copying d files like u specified in ur post do I need data still to download resource

    1. as for the folder, the file you extracted will be inside a folder which all you need is to carry the entire folder to ANDROID > OBB and paste it. please make sure you used your phone internal storage if your phone is running android 6.0 and above.

      for the resource, you can on your network to sync and detect that you have all downloaded the data and boom! your game will load without downloading any file again. i hope this workout. THANKS FOR VISITING

  4. Please can you show us what the game looks like
    I have FIFA 18 MOD offline on my phone
    I wanna change it
    Do it really have multi-player mode?

  5. I’ve downloaded the rar file but each time I put the password it tells me that the password is incorrect.Please Send me the password or check if there’s any alteration

  6. pls help me I have download the file and I want to extract it
    anytime I put the password it after 3% it we said invalid password operation complete with error and later said archive corrupt pls Wat is the problem

  7. yes it say the file is corrupt
    old let me have ur whatsapp number or message me on whatsapp 09022362927

    1. ff19V.3.0.3by_denchai

      make sure you dont give any space while writing it. Download and use this app to extract the game via RAR apk. Or else you might be having problems trying to unzip it. Please do make use of the default storage

      1. Thanks I was able to follow all steps and the game was working perfectly but can’t open anymore after downloading commentary file and choosing to update current players list to improve transfers please I need your help

        1. From my own experience, downloading of the commentary is not the problem. I don’t know of updating the players, so can you please tell me what error you get while trying to open the game?

        2. After series of reading of this issue you get, i decided to update my players too and after that was done the game clashed and i trace out the solution for it.

          Kindly open your phone internal storage and Go-to Android > Data folder and scroll down to Folder. Open it and you will see a folder with the name Download with the date you Update the players. Kindly Delete the folder and go back and start enjoying your game. Thank me later by sharing this blog with your friends.

  8. Pls explain how to set the multiplayer for us fully, the procedure and the screenshot Pls coz am suprise with the connectivity (Bluetooth) hw can that be possible Pls explain when I told my brother he doesn’t believe me that he has multiplayer

    1. Sorry, but unfortunately this updated version doesn’t support multiple players. Really sorry about the mislead.

  9. Kk the multi player is not the issue
    the issue is that the tournament is not play any time am try to play it
    it we say FIFA has atop

    1. First of all you should know that this is a MOD version created out from the offline FIFA 14, so not all features will work at it does in the official FIFA 19.

      To play tournament, Click on the Manager Mode instead. It has access to all leagues including Ucl and European league. Thank me later!

  10. Please I’ve downloaded the Game and everything is set even the commentary, but it keeps crashing when ever I’m about to start a match, i dont know why. The game closes and writes UNFORTUNATELY FIFA19 HAS STOPPED. my phone is andriod version 6.0. Please I need your help

    1. This issue seems to come from your phone, you can try starting up Tournament by clicking on Manager mode to know if the game will force close again.

  11. I downloaded it but it showed me only 567mb downloaded and it stopped there by showing me download completed

    Please i need ur help

      1. Thanks Bro
        Its Working Now……………But am scared of updating squad…cause anytime i do so the game will just stop working
        What the solution to it

        1. That feature is made for the official game user’s and not for mod version so it will continue crashing once you upgrade it.

  12. Thanks Bro
    Its Working Now……………But am scared of updating squad…cause anytime i do so the game will just stop working
    What the solution to it

  13. Hi, I like the game. It worked for me but I was only able to play 6 games of the week and that’s all. The kickoff, manager mode, and tournament are all locked and it says I need to purchase the premium pack in order to unlock these modes.
    I was able to open and play the first match in the ultimate team section but afterward, I couldn’t collect my reward not to mention open the FUT 14 pack unless I log in to origin.

    I have tried several times to log in to Origin but it keeps telling me “Origin is not available. Please try again later or check your internet connection”.

    How do I fix these problems, sir?

    Looking forward to seeing your reply as soon as possible sir.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. This is a mod version, all features won’t work. To continue with the game, Use the Manager mod (it is The Tournament)

  14. I have downloaded the download but when I extract it its turning into a rar file and when I extract that file its making a folder with a zip file in it when I extract it its going back to the rar form what must I do?

    1. Your question is complicated, please expand it for more understanding. Looking forward to hear from you.

  15. En essayant le mot de passe ça dit toujours qu’il est incorrect… ff19V.3.3by_denchai c’est bien celui-là ?

    1. vous avez manqué le “0” sur le mot de passe, voir le mot de passe correct ici ff19V.3.0.3by_denchai

  16. After downloading d file, extracting the Obb is telling me checksum error, file is corrupt…..wat do I do pls

  17. Bro I’m done downloading it but i can’t install the apk file. It was showing question mark sign meaning i can’t install the apk. I tried renaming it but still yet not installing
    What will i do now

    1. This is the first time such report is being posted here, In my own opinion your downloader might be the cause. Maybe the file didn’t download well. I thing re-downloading is the only solution. Please kindly make use of either idm+ or ADM while downloading it. Will be expecting your feedback

  18. I have downloaded it. But when i want to use the rar to extract the file they are requesting for password
    Help please

    1. See the password here


      please note that the V in the password is capital letter

  19. Please how do I play with a friend via Bluetooth please help me I don’t know how to do it.
    Your quickest response will be highly appreciated .

  20. I succeded to install the apk and data-obb fine and the game launch… But when i want to launch a match it Switch off alone. The memory is not the problem. I use a Tecno Spark2. Thanks

    1. Under play, you can choose manager mode to play tournament. This is a mod version, so all features won’t work. Sorry for the inconvenience

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