‘Self Destruction’ Feature spotted on WhatsApp Beta Android

Does it worth it? Is it recommendable? What really is the benefits of this feature? Well, all this questions will be clear in no sooner time as you continue reading. WhatsApp beta for Android was spotted featuring self-destruction message feature. This features will make message to disappear after some time of being posted.

This disappearing message feature can be called self destruction or Delete for Everyone Schedule time. It happens to be that poster will now have option to set time for a particular post to get deleted for everyone even if he/she went offline.

Presently, the feature is disabled by default, and can’t be tried by users for now. The self-destructing message option can be seen on the WhatsApp Beta version 2.20.83 and V2.20.84. It was spotted to be implied on private chats (one on one chat), it allows one to choose expiring time for the message to automatically delete itself. Time set limits options are One hour, one day, one week, one month and one year.

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'Self Destruction' Feature spotted on WhatsApp Beta Android

The feature can be useful when telling someone a sensitive information which you don’t want another person know of it. The self-destruction option will just delete the message According to the time you set it. Also, don’t forget that this feature is disabled by default, and can’t yet be accessed by users.

According to a Gadgets360, the feature will be available for group chats as well and can only be enabled by the group’s administrators. Once enabled, the feature can be toggled in Contact Info or Group Settings.

Feature like this is an upgraded version of Delete for Everyone. As for now, it remains unknown when the new feature will make it to the stable version. However, it is assumed to be underdevelopment.



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