See 29 Beauty Camera Apps that Steals your Data

Report reaching us is the removal of 29 apps from Google play store which was spotted stealing users data. Surprisedly, all this apps are Beauty Camera related apps, which many of them have millions of downloads. The method being used by this app is the sending of pornographic pop-up or notification to users and redirect them once they Clicked on it to phishing website to steal their information by asking for their names and numbers.

Max users of this apps are the Asian (India particularly). Luckily, this apps have been removed by Google from the Play Store in other to stop many people not to fall victim. Based on the report gotten from Trend Micro, user downloading one of these apps will not immediately suspect that there is anything amiss, until they decide to delete the app.

This app will now push several full-screen ads when users unlock their devices, including malicious ads (such as fraudulent content and pornography) that will pop up via the user’s browser. Below is the list of those apps.

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List Of Deleted Beauty Camera App

  1. Pro Camera Beauty
  2. Cartoon Art Photo
  3. Emoji Camera
  4. Artistic effect Filter
  5. Art Editor
  6. Beauty Camera
  7. Selfie Camera Pro
  8. Horizon Beauty Camera
  9. Super Camera
  10. Art Effects for Photo
  11. Awesome Cartoon Art
  12. Art Filter Photo
  13. Art Filter Photo Effcts
  14. Cartoon Effect
  15. Art Effect
  16. Photo Editor
  17. Wallpapers HD
  18. Magic Art Filter Photo Editor
  19. Fill Art Photo Editor
  20. ArtFlipPhotoEditing
  21. Art Filter
  22. Cartoon Art Photo
  23. Prizma Photo Effect
  24. Cartoon Art Photo Filter
  25. Art Filter Photo Editor
  26. Pixture
  27. Art Effect
  28. Photo Art Effect
  29. Photo Filter

However, None of these apps gave any indication that they were the ones behind the ads, thus users might find it difficult to determine where they’re coming from.

Google have did the needful by deleting this apps from play Store, all you can do now is to quickly access your phone to know if you have any of the above listed apps installed in your phone, and uninstall it ASAP. Without being told, this apps can simply be found on fake life people smartphones lolz.

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