‘Remove for Everyone’ feature rolled out to Facebook Messenger

When chatting on facebook using Messenger App, have you ever made a mistake or go overboard which you wished to undo so that he/she won’t read it? i believe the answer is yes. Today, your wish has been granted as Facebook publicly rolled out ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature to it’s Facebook Messenger app which simply recall/undo your sent message.

Similar to WhatsApp Recall feature, the Messenger Remove for Everyone feature effect is limited. This means that you are given a limited time to take action via undo/recall the sent message. The rollout comes with 10mins maximum time before the undo feature will no longer have effect to that particular message(s).

To recall, the social media giant unveiled the bringing of this feature to Facebook last year. It was limited to few countries then, but now, everybody is eligible to make use of the feature.

Once you make use of the Facebook Remove for Everyone feature, it will send a note to everyone notifying them that the remark was removed. This feature works in both single and group chat.

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How To Use Facebook Messenger ‘Remove for Everyone’ Feature

The sender is expected to long press the message he/she want to delete. Options to ‘Remove for Everyone‘ and Remove for You‘ will pop-up on your screen. Selecting any of them will display a warning that says; ‘You’ll permanently remove this message for all chat members. Click ok and its done.

Kindly note that you have the ability to use this feature to undo any message below 10 minutes of sent time. Once exceeded, you won’t be able to delete the message again.



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