Protect yourself against Hackers using Google Chrome Password Checkup Extension

It must be really heartbroken to lose your account to account, especially the ones that are extra important to you. In other to protect user’s data, Google introduced password checkup extension to it’s Chrome browser. The Google chrome Extension help you in sync with the data breaches and suggests changing the password if your account details have been compromised.

The Google Chrome Password Checkup extension is avaliable for all users to download on the Chrome Web Store. The extension work in a way that user will be alerted once a compromised username and password is inserted on a website. The alert notification will tell you that compromised information has been inputted in your account, and suggest you change your password ASAP.

Google Chrome password checkup extension was built with privacy, which denied it from sharing your account details with anyone, including Google. Google noted that no one, including Google, will know about your account information once you are using the extension.

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How to Install Google Chrome Password Checkup extension

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Goto Google Chrome web store
  • Tap “Add to Chrome”
  • Confirm that you want to add the extension to your Chrome
  • Once installed, a screen shield icon will appear on the top right
  • That’s it. You’re done.

In the other hand, this extension notify about compromised account only where you signed up using your google account. When your Google account is compromised, Google will notify the apps and websites where you have used your Google credentials about the breach so that they can secure your account on their platform.

Mainly looking at it, this extension is 90% useful for users who can’t keep track of news about data breaches and hacks or go to specific websites to check whether their account details have been compromised or not.



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