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Ntel 0.0kb Free Browsing using TunnelCat Vpn

Good morning all, as i present to you the 2019 Ntel 0.0kb free Browsing using tunnelcat vpn. This free browsing is absolutely free just like the title say’s, and doesn’t Charge any money of any kind.

Although this Ntel 0.0kb free Browsing is available to all users, it is quite disappointing to at least 90% of Nigerian’s as the network is still in Two states and one city via Lagos, Portharcout and Abuja (if am not mistaken).

The 2019 Ntel 0.0kb free browsing requires vpn in other to tunnel all apps. In the other hand, this free browsing is kinda not fast, the original poster via from LTN forum noted that the maximum speed is around 50kb-128kb. Seems slow, but i strongly believe that location speeds will be different as well.

The Ntel free browsing is unlimited. You are to browse, download, stream till your storage memory full or your battery goes off lolz. Let’s go down with the requirements and procedures to browse free on Ntel this 2019.

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  • Ntel sim with 0.0k
  • TunnelCat app
  • Config file

How to Setup Ntel 0.0kb Free Browsing

First of all, download and extract this config file using any of the unzipper file apk app ( Download TunnelCat Ntel 0.0kb Config )

Step 1. Download and Launch your TunnelCat app and click the GEAR sign at the right hand side. Scroll down to import/export payload and click on import.

Ntel 0.0kb Free Browsing using TunnelCat Vpn

Locate where you extracted the Configured files, pick any of the server (Germany recommended) and click it to auto import itself.

Step 2: Click on the BOOK sign at the right hand side of the app and select Germany server and click center navigation ( THE THREE PEOPLE SIGN) and click on Connect. Wait for it to complete the Authentication stage, and boom! CONNECTED.

Ntel 0.0kb Free Browsing using TunnelCat Vpn

This Ntel 0.0kb free Browsing cheat is not fast nor slow but on a neutral ground. Half bread is better than none, enjoy while it lasts.



Am a Blogger, a Web designer and also a writer. I spent most of my time tunneling online in search of latest beneficial updates/tricks for my fans.

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