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Mtn YouTube Streaming Plan: How to power all Apps

A very good morning to you all as am happy to announce to you all the latest MTN YouTube streaming cheat. This cheat is quite similar to the Mtn mpluse which requires you to sub for a special plan and make use of VPN to tunnel it. This Mtn YouTube plan comes in different batches specially made to surf YouTube once subed.

However, we said no to this one direction and today i am glad to let you know that you can now power all apps with the Mtn YouTube streaming data by the help of VPN. No much words this time around, below are the full MTN YouTube streaming data plan packages.

Mtn YouTube Streaming Plan: How to power all Apps

Mtn YouTube streaming data plan

1: 1 Hour YouTube Pack
1hour stream = N150
Valid for 24hours

2: 3 Hours YouTube Pack
3hours stream = N400
Valid for 24hours

3: YouTube Night Pack (12am–5am)
500MB = N50
Valid for 24hours

4: YouTube Night Pack (11pm – 6am)
2GB = N200
Valid for 7days

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Above are the Mtn YouTube data plans. Here you have to subscribe to any of the YouTube plan based on the one you prefer.

How to Power all app with MTN YouTube streaming Plan

First of all dial *131*8*1# and select your preferable plan.

Now download Samsung Max Apk and install it on your Android phone.

Open the app, click on the Navigation on the left hand and Click Connect. Make sure Privacy Protection and Data Saver are off. Minimize the app and boom! You can now browse on till the limited Time is reached. Enjoy while it lasts.



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