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Mtn 2019 Free browsing for PC using TunnelGuru vpn

Some weeks now, mtn 2019 free browsing has been blazing hot for all Android users by the use of Hammer vpn. Oh yeah! Today am here with another good news, which is that PC users can also enjoy the unlimited cheat using TunnelGuru client vpn.

The mtn 2019 free browsing using TunnelGuru vpn is presently rocking and all our fans in both Telegram and WhatsApp groups can testify on the speed and stability of the cheat. Kindly note that we are not the cracker of this mtn 0.0 unlimited cheat, but all thanks to whosoever that did.

Mtn 2019 free browsing

Although the Android version of the mtn 2019 free browsing echeat using Hammer vpn was not posted/blogged here, that is simply because our telegram and WhatsApp groups fans should have some benefits for following along. Here, i will be posting the PC version for everyone — for the love of our visitors.

Kindly note that this cheat is super fast and easy to use provided you follow the procedures accordingly — unlike the Ntel 0.0 free browsing.

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  • Java
  • Modem
  • Mtn SIM (0.0k inside)
  • TunnelGuru Client vpn

Mtn 2019 Free Browsing Cheat Settings for Pc

1: First of all, you need to Install Java on your computer
> Download Java 32bits
> Download Java 64bits

You can ignore this step if you have Java installed in your computer already.

2: Download the TunnelGuru vpn pc version
Download TunnelGuru vpn 32bits
Download TunnelGuru vpn 64bits

3: After installing your JAVA succesfully

4: Connect your Modem with your MTN sim inserted or hot-spot.

5: Open the tunnel guru vpn on your PC {Run As Administration}

6: Change the protocol to AntiDPI-UDP

Recommend Servers Singapore & France
Rport: 80 OR 8080
Lport: 9201

After putting these settings, then connect!

Remember: Sometimes, you might receive an error message about TAP not installed, just hold on for a pop up message to install TAP. Click install and wait

Once successfully installed, go back to your tunnelguru PC app and click connect! It Works with all PC applications, Tunnels everything on your Computer and also works like a normal data.

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Note: to avoid connection problems and daily 150mb limit, i advice you to purchased the premium accounts via to enjoy the unlimited free browsing.

Additionally, android users can make use of Pdanet+ to connect the cheat to their PC either with Direct Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB options.



Am a Blogger, a Web designer and also a writer. I spent most of my time tunneling online in search of latest beneficial updates/tricks for my fans.

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