Download Microsoft Math Solver App for Android & iOS with 100% Answer

An amazing Mathematics problem solver application with 100% accurate answers has been launched by Microsoft. The Microsoft Math Solver app was launched to solve mathematical problems on Android or iOS devices. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise math problems and provides solutions for a wide range of concepts, ranging from elementary arithmetic and quadratic equations to calculus and statistics.

Users of the Microsoft’s Math Solver app can input their problems to the app directly by drawing, scanning, or typing. Moreover, the app is also designed to provide graphs and step-by-step explanation for better understanding.

Microsoft Math Solver App with Instant Answer Download for Android & iOS: How to use


Microsoft math solver comes with supported 22 languages on both Android and iOS. This languages include English as default, German, Spanish and Russian. However, it also include 12 Indian languages such as Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil among others.

The app also provides additional learning resources, including video tutorials and similar worksheets. These make it easier for students to learn and practice on distinct problems.

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It also included interactive graphs to help you understand correlations easily. You can scan and plot X-Y data tables for linear and non-linear functions.

The Microsoft app lists similar problems from Web search using Bing. Further, you’ll get related concepts on the basis of your problems. You can also bookmark problems or view history. The app also lists some examples to let you practice concepts such as algebra, fractions, rational equations, radical equations, arithmetic, trigonometry, matrix multiplication, and differentiation among various others.

Supported problems

  • Elementary: arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD, factors, roman numerals.
  • Pre-Algebra: radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants.
  • Algebra: quadratic equations, system of equations, inequalities,q rational expressions, linear, quadratic and exponential graphs.
  • Word problems on math concepts, number theory, probability, volume, surface area.
  • Basic Calculus: Summations, Limits, derivatives, integrals.
  • Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, permutations, combinations.

Download Microsoft Math Solver for Android and iOS

The app is compatible with devices running at least Android 5.0 Lollipop or iOS 11.0. You can try solving your math problems on the Microsoft Math Solver app by downloading the application from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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How to Use Microsoft Math App

All you need to do is either capture a photo including your math problem or type your problem on the screen by using the built-in scientific calculator. You can also add your problem statements by drawing on the display of your smartphone or tablet using your finger or a stylus.

The app will now use its AI algorithms to start recognising the text and then show the problem on the screen. Once it recognises and shows the problem, the Microsoft Math Solver app provides you with instant solutions and highlights step-by-step guidance to let you learn how to solve your problems even without the app.



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