Latest GBWhatsapp V9.11 Download with Fixed Media Quality

by Ezehill
Latest GBWhatsapp V9.11 Download with Fixed Media Quality

Download Latest GBWhatsapp V9.11 with Fixed Media Quality. This current GBWhatsapp latest version 9.11 apk fixed the fadeout media quality that is being experienced by its users. Without being told, this is one of the main reasons while many users prefer this mod Whatsapp over the stock Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp is not a stock Whatsapp. Just like Aero Whatsapp, FMWhatsapp, YOWhatsApp and more modded Whatsapp out there, GBwhatsapp Version 9.11 gives you additional features that can’t be found on the stock Whatsapp.

You will experience series of features on this GBWhatsapp version 9.11 mod over the stock Whatsapp. One of the features is the ability to view deleted status. It also enables user to read deleted or revoked message without the knowledge of the sender.

GBWhatsapp version 9.11 apk is equipped with all the features on the previous versions of the modded Whatsapp so far.

Download GBWhatsapp version 9.11 Apk for Android below!

GBWhatsapp 9.11 apk — Download

Some features of GBWhatsapp 9.11

Option to Change online Dot Color

With this option being added to this GBWhatsapp version 9.11, users will be able to make selection of their desirable online dot color of choice. The option makes the app more fancy all together.

Enables Media on Mass Message sender

Right now user can send mass message to his/ her contacts, including images and videos. This will help a lot to save time especially for online marketers. This mass message sending is Available on Business WhatsApp as well.

Fixed bugs includes;
  • Archive Chat not showing on group tab fixed.
  • RC-TELEGRAM X recording box bug fixed.
  • Fixe Crash when trying to archive a hidden chat.
  • Fixed Large Empty space in Hidden chat and archived chat.
  • Groups with “Admin Only” still showing send message box in some entry styles fixed.

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