How to Turn off Netflix Autoplay Previews on iOS, Android, PC, Smart TV

Just like YouTube, Netflix has been playing video preview automatically without the user consent. However, Netflix are now  giving subscribers the choice to turn off autoplay previews after series of complains to stop the menace. The Netflix autoplay preview include the trailers that play when you browse through the Netflix carousel.

knowing to well the high data cost in many countries, especially the African continent subscribers. This is indeed a one sided healing totally. Netflix streaming app has about 167 million members, and this ability to turn off autoplay preview is applied to everyone without exception.

Netflix claimed the previews made it easier for users to decide, but all too often, it forced people to mute the TV, switch menus, or do anything to make it stop because it’s quite annoying sometimes.

How to turn off autoplay previews on Netflix

To stop the Netflix autoplay preview, open Netflix in a browser using any bigger browsers eg Chrome, Firefox — via Reason is because you can’t do this using the Netflix apps on any platform be it Android, iOS or PC.

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Navigate to and Sign In into your account from the top-right.

On the ‘Who’s Watching‘ screen, select Manage Profiles.

Select the profile you’d like to change the setting for.

On the ‘Edit Profile‘ screen under ‘Autoplay controls‘, uncheck Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.

Click Save, then click Done on the next screen.

This might take few minutes before the setting takes effect. Meanwhile, You can force an update by switching to another profile, then switching back in order to reload your profile with the updated setting.

You can now login to your app and enjoy calmness and full authority without encountering the autoplay preview of a thing.



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