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How to Sub Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21days

Today i will be showing you all the best Glo Data plan via Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21days. It sounds funny and at the same time looks too good to be true that many won’t believe till they see with their eyes. Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21days is not cheat of any kind but a trick to get real data from grand master of data (GLO).

The trick here is applying two (2) tariff plan to achieve huge data which one of the plan(s) is Oga SIM. Previously, glo introduced Oga SIM that works for all new SIMs, be it 4g nor 3g. The plan comes as a default to each SIM. For old users, You are eligible provided you have not subscribed for the past 90days, while the new users are eligible to this offer starting the day they purchase the SIM.

The other tariff plan is Glo Yakata which gives you bonus when ever you recharge. Using the default plan/offer alone (oga SIM) gives you 1.8GB for N500 valid for 14days (2weeks) while the trick am about to teach you here will give you Glo 2.4GB FOR N500 valid for 21days. Without wasting much of your time, let’s go on with the eligibility starting from OGA SIM.

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Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21days


Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM will benefit from the promo.

Existing customers who have never used data will also benefit when they buy data for the first time.

Customers whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago will also benefit.


Every users is eligible for this offer. So, if you fall among the people eligible for the oga SIM offer, kindly migrate to Glo yakata plan by dialing *220#

HOW TO SUB GLO 2.4GB FOR N500 valid for 21days

Provided you held with the eligibility rules + migrating into glo yakata plan, all you need now is;

Recharge N500 of airtime and you will be given free 600mb + N1,750 naira airtime to call all networks. This bonus is from the glo yakata plan you migrated to earlier.

Dial *777# and select the N500 Glo data plan to sub for glo oga SIM offer which gives you 1.8GB.

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Glo Yakata data offer + Oga SIM data offer
600mb                +         1,800mb(1.8gb) = 2.4gb

Now you are smiling because you have seen the Glo 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21days trick am talking about all this while. One the amazing thing of this Glo data plan  trick is that it’s valid for 21days (as you can see in the screenshot above) instead of 14days.

Also, you can rollover the remaining Data by subscribing again before the expiring date. Additionally, you will be gifted N1,750 bonus airtime to call any network. Much respect to Lorde Russell our WhatsApp group member who brought this to my door step. Enjoy your weekend.



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