How To Smear Cake Tightly

In this article i am here to explain you how to smear the cake tightly. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Check it out.


  • A cake
  • Butter cream ( recipe )

In this example I used a cake consisting of 3 layers of cake. You can also use a cake of biscuit, the principle is the same. The same applies to the butter cream. There are more possibilities to spread the cake, it can also with (whipped) ganache for example.


We start with a thin layer of butter cream. With this you fill in, as it were, all the cracks and remove your imperfections. This is also called a crumb coat . During the greasing, there are always some cake crumbs loose and with this you also fix them. So after the ‘real’ smearing you do not have visible crumbs. You have already made a fairly tight foundation. You can now go right on, or put the cake in the fridge for a while to make it firmer. With a biscuit I do this sometimes, with a cake usually not. At Baked Comfort Food you will find more tips based on baking recipes.

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The next step is to provide the cake with a layer of butter cream. I start on top and work around the side. It does not have to be neat, but try to apply about as much butter cream everywhere. I use a spatula for this, but you can also use a knife.


Time to smear the cake tightly! I use a dough scraper for this. This one is plastic, but I also have a large metal that I use for larger and higher cakes. Make sure that your scraper is higher than your cake. You buy this kind of scrapers in cook shops. With a large spatula or knife it is possible too, but you have less control over what you do.

Then put your scraper on the cake tray (or whatever your cake is on), place it against the cake in an oblique angle. Think in terms of angle at the same angle that you use a knife to lubricate your sandwich.

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It is important that you do not press the scraper too hard against the cake, otherwise you scrape off the butter cream. That is not the intention, you only want to distribute the cream evenly and get a clean exterior.

Go around the cake with the scraper. The easiest is a turntable to do this, but even without it works fine. Continue until you are satisfied with the sides.

The top you do last. Scrape from the edges to the center to make the edge as sharp as possible. Believe me that it can be even tighter than you see in the photos.

Lastly, I often take a round with the scraper around the cake, but this does not necessarily have to be done.


Now your cake is very nice and tight, but the plateau has some leftover cream. To clean this I take a piece of kitchen paper which I wrap around my finger, so you can clean the platform very carefully.

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First I do this with a dry piece of paper, then I make it a little damp so that the greasy smears can also be removed. Look very well, you do not want to accidentally poke your finger into the cake. I will also tell you that this will happen to you once, I am still – even still – guilty of this.

And that’s it! I hope that with this explanation it is completely clear how to smear a cake tightly. As you can see, it is really not difficult. More a matter of practice and patience.


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