How to Change Photo Background Online (No App Required)

There are so many softwares /Apps to remove background of any photo for computer, iOS and Android users but you must, at least, have 20% of art experience in other to suit your test. Today, i will be showing you how to successfully remove any photo background within 5secs, with or without knowing a single thing about art, talkles of drawing.

To remove photo background is very common which is being made possible with the use of apps/softwares, but it’s also a slow, manual, and painful process. However, the process am going to show you today aren’t an app procedure, rather it’s an online method which will get your work done within 5secs.

With this online tools, using of Photoshop, Photo editor, Background cutter, picsArt etc will be of the past when it comes to scraping out your default picture background.

How to Remove Photo Background within 5secs (Online Tool)

The online Background remover only requires you to select a photo from your computer on the website, upload it, and you’ll receive results within seconds. Also, a download button is being made available for you to download your work once the default background has been successfully removed.

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Cons and Pros of Remove.bg Online Tool

The advantages of this tools include;

  • Can upload photo(s) using the image Url.
  • 0% of art experience required.
  • Work done within 5secs.
  • Give you exactly what you wished for.
  • Download button is been made available to download your work.

At this point, the disadvantage of this tool are;

  • It requires Data to upload your photo(s)
  • No Artificial Background provided.
  • Strictly requires human photo for now (animal background can’t be for now).
  • Can only download photos up to 500×500 pixels in size as of now.

How to Remove Photo Background within 5secs

All you need to do is to visit Remove.bg and select your already existing picture from your computer/phone. You can equally use the URL option by just inserting the image URL. Once the upload reaches 100%, you will see both the original photo and the background removed photo.

A download button will be placed under the the photo that it’s background has been removed, click on it to get it saved in your computer/phone. That’s it.

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Note: the tool provides only PNG format when you want to download your work.

Additionally, if you which to add new background to the photo, kindly download the background you wish or use any photo editing app that has inbuilt background photos (eg picsart) and import the photo you remove it’s background and boom, you have successfully changed your photo background.

Looking at the Disadvantages, you will find out that the resolution of image it provides is low, according to the developer, high resolution image will be made available soon.

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