How to fix Instagram ‘Action Blocked’ warning for Android and iOS

Have you ever received the Action blocked warning on Instagram before while trying to like picture, comment, follow or unfollow person, and when trying to private chat person before? I’m a living witness of such warning pop-up message because i have encountered it before.

Clicking the report button have you tried while trying to resolve this issue but all to no avail. Meanwhile you still can’t do anything on your account apart from uploading pictures or video which you can’t like as well.

How to fix Instagram 'Action Blocked' warning for Android and iOS

Although it looks like you didn’t break any rules been staged by Instagram. The Truth is that you faulted the rules in one way or the other without your knowledge. Am going to show you how to fix the Instagram account blocked issue, as well as how to prevent it from happening again by pointing out how you ignorantly break some rules.

Prevent being Restricted to take Action on Instagram

Please avoid doing the following to prevent your account from being banned to do some activities as you normally do, they are;

  • Avoid Flooding different Comment box in short period of time.
  • Please don’t follow up hundreds/ thousands of people in minutes just to get a followed back.
  • If you must unfollow people, please be cultured to give time space before unfollowing another person.
  • Stop flooding people’s DM just to get noticed, you can do it maturely.
  • Last and not the least is to resist yourself from any thing that will force users to report you.
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Furthermore, let’s go ahead on how to solve this issue to be resolved. The procedure am about to drop was the one i tried and it works. Meanwhile, it tooks roughly 48 hours.

How to fix Action blocked Warning on Instagram

Like i said earlier, it took me about 48 hours to get my account back to normal. What i did was Logging out from my Gadgetsdish Instagram account for Two days (48 hours) and logging back in after that.

Everything was fixed back to normal. Now i can like pictures, Comment, send private messages, follow and unfollow people without having such pop-up warning issue again.

I didn’t try anything less than 48 hours, so am convinced this method helps you as well. You can equally drop another alternative method you think it’s working on the comment box below in other to put smiles on people’s face again. Thanks and happy Sunday to you all.

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