Google Pay Adapt to 16 New banks in the United States

The search engine giant have expand its mobile pay to more banks in USA. Google Pay and Apple Pay are probably among the most often used mobile payments services in the United States, but it’s somehow annoying as they aren’t global uptill now.

The Google mobile payments services is already in many countries, but the United States is the first chapter which they are pushing hard to dominate the whole bank in the country at a 100% coverage. Positively, Google added 16 new banks to its list of financial institutions that offer Google Pay support.

List of added banks that should soon (if not already) offer Google Pay services:

  1. Arkansas Federal Credit Union
  2. Baker Boyer National Bank
  3. Bank of Cleveland
  4. TN
  5. Bank of the Valley
  6. Citizens State Bank of La Crosse
  7. Everence Federal Credit Union
  8. First County Bank (CT)
  9. Hopewell Federal Credit Union
  10. Kelly Community Federal Credit Union
  11. Lubrizol Employees’ Credit Union
  12. North Shore Bank
  13. Premier Members Credit Union
  14. Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union
  15. Texas Bay Credit Union
  16. WyHy Federal Credit Union
  17. Wymar Federal Credit Union.
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You can also check Google support page to know whether your bank supports the Google pay service or not.



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