Google Map Live View Rolling out to Android and iOS Devices

After the annual developer conference last year, Google is finally rolling out the Google Map Live View globally to all users. Still on beta, the expanding of the feature is to all Android and iOS devices that support ARCore and ARKit starting this week.

This feature works in a way that when you’re using Google Maps for directions, you simply navigate to “Walking” when presented with transit options and then tap “Live View.” You’ll see arrows and big street markers laid out on the real world in front of you, so you can orient yourself quickly instead of spinning around in every direction like a person using an outdated version of Google Maps lolz.

Google map Live View Rolling out to Android and iOS Devices
Google Map Live View preview

Previously this feature was only their for Pixel devices and it’s now finally being trickled down to all Android and iOS users which google deserve some credibility for heed to the promise.

A review from MR Filip note; “Works surprisingly well! I’ve tried it on my trip to Washington. We’d usually stop/sit somewhere and figure out our next destination. This feature helps a lot just figuring out where to start going. After that, you don’t really need to have it enabled, the old good way still works the best.”

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Having said all this, am concern that this might cause massive battery and data drain (especially when traveling abroad). I suggest you have enough battery before engaging in an travel especially when you planned on using this Google Live View feature.



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