Google Find My Device App added ‘Indoor Maps’ Feature

As expected, Google has finally added house to house tracking of phone on its ‘Find my Device’ app. Google introduced ‘indoor maps’ feature to its Find My Device app so that it can direct users to the spot where they might have accidentally dropped their smartphones.

Currently, the search engine giant has not specifically listed which buildings the new feature applies to, so users can test it.

Looking back, the Google app was launched last year for Android users to be able to track and Protect their data to at least 70%. With the Find My Device app, users can see their smart devices on a map based on their current or last known location before lost.

Also, users can be able to notify people around that the phone was lost by playing a sound at full volume, even if the device is on silent mode or lock it with a custom message and contact number on lock screen.

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You can checkout here to see how to track your device using the Google Find my device App.



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