Google Duo can now be Used on Web to make Video Calls

The Google video chat service Google Duo is now available for web users. Notable this service is limited to Android and iOS apps but it’s now made available to be used on the web. The expansion of the service will indeed bring or attract new consumers, as users who don’t have enough space or use Android/ iOS can also make use of the Google Duo service to make video calls.

Google Duo’s Web version supports both voice and video calls. You can also answer Duo calls on the Web version. Interestingly, Google Duo currently only works on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers and doesn’t support Microsoft Edge. If you open Google Duo Web version on Edge, you will be greeted with “Duo for web doesn’t work on this browser.”

How to make Video and Voice calls on Google Duo for Web

1: Go-to

2: After opening the link, the existing and active users are shown a list of their contacts and a search/ input box, where they can search a contact to ping or directly dial a contact’s number.

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The new Duo users will have to verify their number to continue using Google Duo.



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