Good or Bad? Google+ Shutdown Date Announced: Full Details

Quite surprising as Google officially announced the date for total shutdown of Google+.  The plan was brought up last year December, and now the date to execute it is here before us. To recall, the Google+ was launched in 2011 which somehow suits with Facebook, although it didn’t gain more features as days goes on.

Google made it known before hands that the Google+ will be a thing of history starting from April 2, 2019. Aside from that, Google also said that they will start removing some features from the google+ starting from February 4. Features like creating new profiles, pages, communities or events will be terminated starting from February 4th.

As for Google+ community owners and moderators, Backup data will be made available starting from March 2019, which will include author info, Content body, and photos posted in the community.

Once its April 2, 2019, Google+ accounts and pages will be dismissed permanently. Google noted that everything will be deleted without a single thing being left out. So i advice you all to kindly download any file you have archived in the Google+ to avoid shading tears.

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This is indeed a great blow, especially for bloggers like us as the platform seems to be one of the best bookmark for backlink building.



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