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Glo 2019: Enjoy Glo Free YouTube streaming

Happy New Year, and happy streaming as i introduce to you all the Glo free YouTube streaming. This Glo free YouTube streaming is not new, rather it was stopped and resumed back on December last year, 2018. Well, i decided to make it known to everyone this 2019 because our telegram and WhatsApp group members should have place they do benefit from.

This Glo free YouTube streaming is awesome, as it is available for all users. No matter the device you are using, be it Android, IPhone, iPad, tablet or even PC, you are eligible to use this Glo free YouTube.

If am not mistaken, the free YouTube streaming was introduced back then in 2017, officially made by Glo for all subscribers who purchased their N500 and above data plan to enjoy it. However, back then it was daily capped, while it is totally capped now.

Furthermore, the free YouTube is a bit set back to many people as it works only during the midnight. Somehow, it is beneficial to many, especially those that do night activities to keep theirselves busy in other not to sleep off.

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How To Enjoy Glo Free YouTube Streaming

There is no special plan required to benefit this free YouTube, rather, a minimum amount of sub is needed in other to scroll through.

1: All you need is to subscribe for Glo N500 sub and above by dialing *777# and follow the prompts and boom!, you are eligible for the Glo free YouTube free streaming.

2: You are eligible to use the YouTube free data to stream only YouTube starting from 1am to 5am.

3: Kindly note that this Glo free YouTube streaming is capped at 2.5GB totally ( from the day you sub to the expiring date, all you have is 2.5gb).

We are trying to crack the server in other to power all apps. Also note that you are not eligible to this offer if you use the Glo N200 for 1.2gb plan as it is strictly to users that sub for Glo N500 and above. Thanks.

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