Gboard for Android Brings Suggestions for Emoji, GIFs, and Stickers

Gboard keyboard for Android latest update brings the ability to suggest you with appropriate emoji characters, GIFs, and stickers based on your conversation. The new update makes it faster and easier to share your feelings in the form of stickers, GIFs, and emojis.

Additionally, the latest Gboard update also includes more than 40 new language varieties. However, the new update enables the keyboard to looks for the suitable content to match the text you’ve typed and then transforms Google’s ‘G’ button from the top-left corner into ‘GIF’ icon to let you see a list of emoji, GIFs, and stickers that it finds the most relevant.

For example, you’re typing “Good morning” in a conversation, the updated Gboard will show all the available emoji, GIFs, and stickers highlighting morning feelings. Similar will be the cases when you type “Awesome” or “I’m sleepy”.

Google says that all these suggestions are private to each Gboard user and take place entirely on the device – without accessing any Web service to process the AI. However, this also helps to make the experience fast enough as the feature doesn’t require any high-speed connectivity to suggest you with relevant emoji, GIFs, and stickers.

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The newest Gboard feature is making way for global users in English only. Also, Google has plans to expand Gboard suggestions to more languages and more types of content.

The new feature will be available on your Gboard through a server-side update. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have the latest Gboard version on your Android device. It also includes over 40 language varieties, including Balinese, Baoulé, Simalungun, Fang, Fantse, Gagauz, Guianan Creole, Hawaiian Pidgin, Ibibio, Ebira, Isoko, Lakota, Nandi, Nigerian Pidgin, Rangpuri, Pontic Greek, Bengkulu, Tiv, Cameroon Pidgin, Ladino, and Maay Maay.

Download GBoard Latest Version for Android

To download /update your Gboard keyboard, visit Google Play to download the latest Version of Gboard for Android. Also, you can get its APK file directly from APK Mirror.



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