Download Aero Whatsapp 9.11 Latest Version Apk for Android

by Ezehill
Download Aero Whatsapp 9.11 Latest Version Apk

Download Aero Whatsapp 9.11 Apk for Android and enjoy full-quality media files once again. Aero Whatsapp is not a stock Whatsapp, however, it makes use of Whatsapp services without breaking any rules.

Aero Whatsapp gives you additional features that can’t be found on the stock Whatsapp. A few amazing features you can spot on this Aero Whatsapp mod is the ability to view deleted status. It also enables users to see deleted or revoked messages without the knowledge of the sender.

Aero Whatsapp version 9.11 is equipped with all the features found on the previous versions of the modded Whatsapp so far, Furthermore, it appears to restore back media quality that was removed from the past two versions.

This current Aero Whatsapp latest version 9.11 apk fixed the fadeout media quality that is being experienced by its users on the immediately previous version. Without being told, this is one of the main reasons while many users prefer this mod Whatsapp over the stock Whatsapp.

Aside from that, Aero Whatsapp v9.11 comes with other features which I will be explaining most of them below.

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  • Aero Whatsapp v9.11 (com.aerolla) — Download

Aero Whatsapp 9.11 Added Features

Enables Media on Mass Message sender

Right now users can send mass messages to his/ her contacts, including images and videos. This will help a lot to save time, especially for online marketers. This mass message sending is Available on Business WhatsApp as well.

Aero Whatsapp 9.11 Latest Version

Mark as “opened/seen” option for view once photos/videos

This option gives you the ability to decide whether you want to see the media sent in this format again or not. You will be able to view the video or image as much as you want till you click to mark it as seen before it will disappear.

Fixed bugs include;

  • Fixed anti-view once photos/videos turning “opened/viewed” randomly.
  • Contact name color not taking in status and calls screen fixed.
  • Calls icon not showing in white themes fixed.
  • Fixed view once photos/videos not loading after “mark as opened”.
  • Message entry unread counter not centered fixed.
  • Some design bugs fixed.
  • “Read More” fixed.

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