You can now make Free Donations Using Google Assistant

More features coming as Google Assistant users can now do free donations while pressing their phone. The Charity Donations feature is extremely great as users can now donate to any organization while they keep on scrolling on their phone without anybody noticing it.

The Charity donations feature is available in all smart devices, including smart speakers like the home. However, the feature is currently for those that are able to make payments using Google assistant like users in USA.

If user Ask Google to “make a donation” in the US, it will let you pick a monetary amount and charity (from a group of recommended organisations). Provided you’ve enabled payments in Assistant, a contribution could be just moments away.

How to Make Free Donations With Google Assistant

To make donations, the user has to say: “Ok Google, make a donation“, or “Hey Google, donate to charity” to initiate the contribution process.

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Google Assistant will then ask you to name the organisation and suggest donating the average amount of $10, which users can customise or specify all such information at the beginning of the command.

For security purpose, on top of the payments requirement, you’ll still have to confirm a donation on your phone if you used a smart speaker.

Well, this is a good feature all together, as user can now easily make a donation instead of waddling on websites which he/she might get frustrated along the line and decide not to donate again.



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