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Blazing: Mtn 1GB for N200 Valid for 1week: Eligible to all Users

Mtn 1GB for N200 valid for 1week is now eligible for all users. The mtn winback offer was introduced months ago and it was strictly for users that did welcome back or users that their SIM have been in active for 1month. As a blogger, i feel the pain of our fans who tried so hard to be updated despite not having the money to subscribe.

Other networks have cheaper subs, but in one way or the other many users are not to be able to enjoy it. For example; 9mobile 1GB for N200 is eligible for all users only on weekends, Glo 1.2GB for N200 is eligible for all users anytime but many complain about bad network in different areas.

Blazing: Mtn 1GB for N200 Valid for 1week: Eligible to all Users

Airtel 1GB for N350 is eligible to all user and in the same time valid for 1day only. You can see that 70% people are enjoying the cheaper data while the remaining 30% are forced to do saving before being able to subscribe.

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With the eligibility of this Mtn winback offer to all user that gives Mtn 1GB for N200, i believe the stress and pain will at least be shorten by 40%. Just like i did during the days of 9mobile 1GB for N200, the mtn 1gb for N200 was made eligible to all users on February 24th base on my observation.

How to Subscribe to Mtn 1GB for N200 eligible to all

No trick or special tariff plan needed for this Data plan. All you need to do is to dial *131*65# and select the data you wish to subscribe.

1 = Mtn 250mb for N100 valid for 3days
2 = Mtn 1gb for N200 valid for 1week
3 = Mtn 4GB for N1000 valid for 1month

Once selection is done, you will receive a successful message. I have subscribed for the data to my two active Sims plus my friends Sims making it 10 mtn Sims.

Note: To be on a safe side, i advised you to dial the code first to know the reply you got before recharging.

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If you received a message talking about insufficient fund, you are good to receive and sub. If you receive a message telling you that you are not eligible, kindly don’t bother recharging your phone.



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