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9mobile 1GB for N200 Valid For 3Days: Eligible For all users

Today, i finalized my observation on how to get everybody eligible to this 9mobile 1GB for N200 which is valid for 3days. The special 9mobile data plan seems impossible but by the special grace of God, it was made possible after one week of observation.

Over a year now, old users of 9mobile are whooping enjoying this special 9mobile data plan  offer as it was channeled to them while new users do receive not eligible reply whenever they try to purchase this plan but today i will a stop to that and also put a smile on your face.

My Observation on 9mobile N200 for 1GB

I will briefly narrate my observation below so that you will join up with me to enjoy this offer. “Two weeks ago i bought my 9mobile SIM card and subscribe to the YouTube hourly unlimited. One week later, on Friday, i try to subscribe to the 9mobile 1GB For N200 but i get a Non eligible reply so i backoff for the day.

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Tomorrow being Saturday, I try it again, hold and behold, i received a reply saying that i don’t have sufficient credit. Immediately i rushed down and buy N200 credit and retry it and i was given the 1GB and my Credit was deducted asap. I shared the news on my group which everybody thought it was because of the YouTube sub i did earlier including me but it was not.

Later in the day, I try the same thing on my neighbors SIM and he was also given including Spencer one of our group member so i decided to die the topic till i fully understand what caused it. On Monday my data finished and i try to resubscribe the 9mobile 1GB for N200, and i received a non eligible reply again. I was surprise and i tried it again in my neighbor sim and he also got a non eligible reply.

As day go on, i keep retrying the same code but the non eligible reply was what i got till today being Saturday again that i just try it again and i was given the data included my neighbor as well”.

9mobile 1GB for N200 Valid For 3Days: Eligible For all users

With my observation above, you can see that the non eligible users can enjoy the offer on weekends which is to say that they will be eligible starting from Saturday to purchase the data while old eligible users can enjoy the offer any day, any time in the week.

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Kindly insert your 9mobile sim to your phone and dial *929*10#

Please no specific plan is needed in other to get this special 9mobile data plan offer and also mind you that this aren’t a cheat nor trick but rather an offer from 9mobile. My work here was just the observation and nothing else. Enjoy Your day.



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