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5 important Tools for Adobe Illustrator Beginners

Everything is going digital this days including art which many people who have money do find teachers to teach them on how to draw using PC or phone while those with no money are left behind. All thanks to God who made Google Search engine available to all as you can easily find solution to your problem within some minutes.

Today, for those who have interest in art work, i will be providing you the five (5) most needed tools for adobe illustrator beginners. Before i proceed, i will like to ask if you in particular really understand that word illustrator? if you do then no need of going next step but for benefits of people who don’t know, i will briefly explain what it means below.

5 Most important Tools for Adobe Illustrator Beginners

What is Illustrator?

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea.

Now, the combination of Adobe + Illustrator can be said to be a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.

If you recently joined or you opened the adobe illustrator app, am definitely sure it looks complicated to you in the excess that you have already concluded it to be difficult. Oh yes it is but always remember that word ‘No cost no gain’, if you give up today, to return tomorrow will be extra difficult . Because of this great challenges, i decided to drop off this important 5 tools to help soften it’s hardness. The reasons it looks complicated is simply because the programme has many integral features and beginning with it on the right foot is a major hassle.

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However, many tools could come in handy for beginners that are willing to learn fast and grasp the programme. These tools are easily available and can be mastered within a very short time period. Here is a compilation of the five tools that every Adobe Illustrator user should have.

The Pen Tool

The pen tool is a great asset for any Adobe illustrator beginner out there. It can be a great asset for the people that wish to put their creativity to the right use. One of the most compelling features of the pen tool is the fact that it can be used with a lot of ease and helps you draw magnificent art and designs. It is a great tool to display your creativity in the field.

Colour CC

Choosing a set of colours for your pallet each time can be a major hassle. The “colour cc” tool helps to make this ordeal easier. It allows you to choose various colour shade options from a wheel based structure and then save them to your pallet. The intriguing feature of the tool is that you can save multiple of such pallets containing several colour options.

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In certain cases, finding the ideal shape can be a difficult ordeal. The pathfinder tool helps to make this task easier. Essentially, the pathfinder tool helps you to gain structures from other images. These can be anything like geometrical figures or patterns with a defined border.

This tool is helpful if you are not able to get a hold of the right structure or cannot find it from any predefined image.

Clipping Mask

This is a much undermined yet extremely useful tool, especially for the beginners. This tool allows the person to keep the design or image restricted to a certain area. It can be a great asset during editing of an image or in case of resizing as well.

This tool helps to save an awful lot of time considering the fact that you do not have to make any manual changes to fit the image. It also ensures not to hamper the resolution or quality of the image too much.

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The Bezier tool

The Bezier tool can help integrate natural points and curve the image or the design. This provides an enhanced look to the entire product and can help to make your illustrations even better. This tool can be a bit tricky to use at the beginning but online tutorials (Google Search) can help you to master the tool in a very short time period.

I believe with the above listed tools, that it’s a done and dusted to the beginners. Always hold and never loss faith when it comes to art work because many tools are quite complicated when opened at first sight. Always create out time to find more features if you really want to be above your rivals.

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